Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Being a believer.

Being Muslim today is weird. Being a Muslim who chooses to be Muslim is even harder. Because so many people ask with such earnest .. Curious.."WHY though???!"s.... It's as if it's a tragedy. That makes me sad. Why do so many people not want to accept god anymore..? Yes I've read the science, yes I KNOW there are NO facts that give us the answer. Exactly. There is NO answer. Singularity? Explosions? Energy? Just happen to be here??
Well I've digged and digged and Islam IS what makes me a better person. It IS my personality. I don't separate both. I'm sarimah a Muslim. I can't separate my belief from my consciousness. I've even tried! I've tried to not believe and I can't. I choose to be me and choose my religion. Those who've never believed will ask why and how can you believe so blindly..? I ask why back and how can you disbelieve so blindly..? Isn't there a bigger reason to you?? I cannot help thinking arrogance is the only thing that separates a person who acknowledges a superior power and one who says we came To be for nothing and that's it we return to the soil And disappear. I'm not scared of that being a truth. I just believe like I do in love- that it isn't the answer.or reason.
If we believe in LOVE why not in GOD..? unless you are loveless- how can anyone say there is NO possibility of God...?
I have much to say on this topic. And I will. In time sure enough. Peace. Love. Acceptance. For all. Xxxx

Me today,":-)

People say the weirdest things

Been a while since I updated this... And let me say that the last ten days have been insane...! Insanely great that is! From having guests like CT on the show to Hafiz to Mizz nina, to being featured on CNNs show, to moderating World Water Day, to emceeing at the Datai for F1s weekend meeting millionaire couples and still managing to wake up at 6am to entertain everyone... What a whirlwind. Really enjoying it all ...

Planning a dive trip in 4 weeks... It's the first time I've had to apply for leave lol... It's been approved!! I dunno who's taking our slots when we're away though..:-) I can't wait to get in the water soon.. Been a year since I've dived!!!

What I've noticed lately on Social networking is kinda disturbing.. Soo many anonymous people commenting .. I wonder why people need to hide themselves.. I'm reading posts about friends and family even by anonymous cartoon characters.. I always found this spineless. It's like fear of being known consumes them but gives them a licence to vent online... Quite disturbing. Thankfully my fans and followers are honest and open.. So far!:-) I appreciate that.

I think I've done more work and PR this last ten days than the last 6mnths and I'm
Really happy about that. Except I'm lacking rest and I'm getting stomach pains and ulcers.. Ouch! It's time to sleep. I'll be back again soon... I'm looking forward to the weekend.. red fm is having a party Saturday night in KL.. For the public.. It's great knowing we cheer people up.:-) xxxx

Monday, March 19, 2012


Sorry it's been a few days..! What craziness. did a shoot for CNN on Saturday part of their 'toGo' series in Asia... Proud of that...! I hope i did us proud..:-)
...hosted a big concert last night out at dataran Merdeka.
today we had Malaysias biggest star- Ct Nurhaliza with us on RED FM. .. Its not everyday you get Ct speaking English so that was cool.Was really a great show. She's so... Calm n nice.

Alls busy then workwise. I'm feeling tired tho lately. Maybe it's too much gym, maybe it's not eating enough, maybe it's working too hard. Not sure. I've never been one to run out of energy so this is new to me. Must just be life! Noooo!

On a personal front...Learnt lately that I'm much more comfortable when I'm alone than before. I guess that's a good thing. Read a quote today that said" sometimes you have to be your own hero cause those you think can't live without you just might be able to".

Hard truth. But when is truth ever really comfortable anyway? Rarely. Oops- there I go all philosophical again. Even when I try to keep things light n easy lol.

Whispers...:Heard today too that radio stations are not free of their own politics. Heard there Are some radio stations - just like tv stations- that PAY rating agencies money to distort their numbers... Quite scary really... Especially when alot of peoples incime depends in those numbers.....And here I thought that only happened in politics itself...;-)..

Anyhow- before I say too much- ill...
What the heck- I WILL say too much- it's not twitter! I can keep typing!lol.

Or maybe I'll just keep it for the next post............yeah.. I think I'll do that ...


Thursday, March 15, 2012

When uncomfortable... I..


Smily moment

The inconsistencies of existence.

Another lesson in life I've noted is that change keeps coming. With every day and every minute I am not the sarimah I was the day before.noone is. Without even realising it- we are constantly changing.
It's perhaps that very change that makes me
Uncomfortable. Unless I sat at home and never moved- I have to accept that every step out of my house is a risk. A risk for things to happen to me that I cannot control. Accidents or meeting new people and such.
Announcing on RED FM is quite therapeutic for me. I am
Enjoying listening to people. So
Many characters, what different types of people I encounter everyday...!
One constant thing I've noticed is everyone's trying their best to survive.
No matter who they are. The cleaning lady today came up to me
As I was typing on my
iPad to ask me what I was writing. She wanted knowledge and was brave to approach me even though I don't know her. DatO Ct- Malaysias singing sensation- today waved at me and kept her earnest focus and smile while talking to reporters. She's meeting me again on Monday where I will
Interview her. Shes Taking a risk- and doing it.she definitely doesn't need to. But what if I fail? But we're gonna do it anyway... I want to.
That's the beauty of people. Like ants - getting on with things, moving and living and doing our best. I love people more and more as I encounter more and more people.
Just when life almost breaks you And shows you the worst in people.. Even those you love and care about.. Others show you how great people can be. How great life can be. Even when things are totally shit.. (my first swear word here gasp).. The smell goes away eventually. It really does.:-) xxxx

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


there are some people who shout it out, some show it with cash n clothes and cars. you cant measure confidence by intention - only by action. colleagues showed me how much confidence in themselves they have today. ....enough to dress up as women and face a nations respect!

Monday, March 5, 2012


It's funny how even Kim can't see the flaws in her make believe self. She is much prettier in real life from photos we see of her but just as we all often perceive- and even more in her life- the idea that what is fake and false sells so much more - and generates so much more interest.. Even if it doesn't even come close to being as great as the real thing.

Everyone is everyone elses perfect imperfect

Over the weekend I learned that sometimes in life you just can't get what you expect, hope for or so badly want.
Sometimes we have to adapt our expectations with people and life. It seems these last three years have shown me that i was living in
a safe bubble Of ignorant bliss on many things for the last decade.
And damn was it bliss. What a loud pop when my bubble burst. I don't like it. But I'm learning to accept it. Wow- life's got disappointments. Perhaps I'm finally truly living. Perhaps.

Thing is- its really easy to have expectations and hope for others and get irate and disappointed when they don't deliver- but what about their expectations of us? That there seems to be THE fundamental problem with us all.
We hardly tell each other every minute of everyday what it is exactly we are happy to accept- or not.We can't do that.
So We kinda expect others to read us if they care enough, love us enough and know us enough. Anything less and - perhaps they're just not right for us.....?

It's a bit unfair I suppose to expect something without asking for it. And then there's the question of what if both parties are dissappointing each other simultaneously. That's usually the recipe for an unpleasant argument. We all get so stuck in our own minds and beliefs and- once again- our hopes for the ideal outcome- that anything less is seen simply as another persons failure of some sort to us.

Then there's the question of settling. How does anyone really know that there isnt someone better or a better friend etc out there in such a massively populated planet. I mean- we can't possibly meet every single human and date them and select the best. We havent the time.
So we go based on what we perceive as the best. We tell ourselves that it's fate or meant to be or Gods decision for us. Really? Is it?.

I would have stayed with the same person forever if things hadn't taken a massive turn in my life. I would never have done or met anyone else that I have in the last three years of my life if I hadn't moved from my marriage.It was terrifying. But I did it.

So is it not our decision and nothing more than choice? Then are we all settling when we find someone that's- conveniently perfect compared to the rest we've compared them to before? Does this explain why people fall
Out of love and find others even after marriage-? Cause were all just settling til the next best thing arrives in our lives by fate or chance?

So say it's choice then. Say you just get up one day and go in a trip around the whole world. Test your love and friendships. And if you still choose the same people after all that travelling meeting and trying- then I guess wouldn't THAT really be THE person for you.
And Until we do this- are we just accepting for ourselves something thats just-convenient? Cause we are too scared, too lazy or too complacent to get out there and move, risk it all to find out if it REALLY is fate or serendipity or just habit and convenience...

Again- the answer eludes me like so
Many questions on life and love that we all have. It's a real dilemma isn't it- so who's brave enough to go out and get the truth? I don't know if I am.


Thursday, March 1, 2012


nothing can be controlled in life. planned- yes. but nothing is really in our control. whats to be will be.:-)