Monday, May 21, 2012


if i could be a box id look like this.:-) bright compact and full of this.

it really does. can someone invent a pill to help with it?!

glad a guy says it.;-)


its funny how people only judge violence based on bruises scars and marks they can see.

noone actually calls cheating or verbal aggression or anything thats not 'measurable' as violence. funny isnt it.

especially when skin scars can heal. or be disguised. or at least be ignored somehow. but not heart or mind scars.

sometimes these scars are deeper than any stab shot or cut. and noone cares much about them.

if only there was a punishment for the crime of breaking and smashing a persons heart. maybe less people would jump into bed ot relationships with others and then leave.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

closer and closer..

am writing my books hundreth edit. its getting closer to complete.:-) i wish life was like a book. that your memories coukd be edited and re edited.
there are so many things id delete from memory. things that make me doubt, question and compromise on myself and my values. worldly -humanly mistake - type i wish.

the bew business i am settin up is finally coming together. the timing has just fallen into place. closer to building the Kiosks now.:-)

ill be givin malaysians smthin joyful something sweet and something they can afford.:-)

cant wait!!:-)

Monday, May 7, 2012

time away

was great being away last week. time to re energize and get the happiness store level up.:-)

re visited a place ive been to many times over the last ten years. an island. had a few nostalgic moments and ashed a fewew tears over them
memories.. but didnt take long this time.:-)

realised that more than ecstatic and less than bring depressed- i am just in the middle which is the best place to be. cause from here you dont fear falling down and can always look up..:-)