Monday, March 19, 2012


Sorry it's been a few days..! What craziness. did a shoot for CNN on Saturday part of their 'toGo' series in Asia... Proud of that...! I hope i did us proud..:-)
...hosted a big concert last night out at dataran Merdeka.
today we had Malaysias biggest star- Ct Nurhaliza with us on RED FM. .. Its not everyday you get Ct speaking English so that was cool.Was really a great show. She's so... Calm n nice.

Alls busy then workwise. I'm feeling tired tho lately. Maybe it's too much gym, maybe it's not eating enough, maybe it's working too hard. Not sure. I've never been one to run out of energy so this is new to me. Must just be life! Noooo!

On a personal front...Learnt lately that I'm much more comfortable when I'm alone than before. I guess that's a good thing. Read a quote today that said" sometimes you have to be your own hero cause those you think can't live without you just might be able to".

Hard truth. But when is truth ever really comfortable anyway? Rarely. Oops- there I go all philosophical again. Even when I try to keep things light n easy lol.

Whispers...:Heard today too that radio stations are not free of their own politics. Heard there Are some radio stations - just like tv stations- that PAY rating agencies money to distort their numbers... Quite scary really... Especially when alot of peoples incime depends in those numbers.....And here I thought that only happened in politics itself...;-)..

Anyhow- before I say too much- ill...
What the heck- I WILL say too much- it's not twitter! I can keep typing!lol.

Or maybe I'll just keep it for the next post............yeah.. I think I'll do that ...



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