Thursday, March 15, 2012

The inconsistencies of existence.

Another lesson in life I've noted is that change keeps coming. With every day and every minute I am not the sarimah I was the day before.noone is. Without even realising it- we are constantly changing.
It's perhaps that very change that makes me
Uncomfortable. Unless I sat at home and never moved- I have to accept that every step out of my house is a risk. A risk for things to happen to me that I cannot control. Accidents or meeting new people and such.
Announcing on RED FM is quite therapeutic for me. I am
Enjoying listening to people. So
Many characters, what different types of people I encounter everyday...!
One constant thing I've noticed is everyone's trying their best to survive.
No matter who they are. The cleaning lady today came up to me
As I was typing on my
iPad to ask me what I was writing. She wanted knowledge and was brave to approach me even though I don't know her. DatO Ct- Malaysias singing sensation- today waved at me and kept her earnest focus and smile while talking to reporters. She's meeting me again on Monday where I will
Interview her. Shes Taking a risk- and doing it.she definitely doesn't need to. But what if I fail? But we're gonna do it anyway... I want to.
That's the beauty of people. Like ants - getting on with things, moving and living and doing our best. I love people more and more as I encounter more and more people.
Just when life almost breaks you And shows you the worst in people.. Even those you love and care about.. Others show you how great people can be. How great life can be. Even when things are totally shit.. (my first swear word here gasp).. The smell goes away eventually. It really does.:-) xxxx


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