Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Do you know your loved ones...? Really

Such a tragedy.:-( to look at him would you have guessed he was unwell? That he would murder so many people? That's someone's son, someone's loved one someone's friend.... It's scary to accept that..and saddening.

Mental health care is as -if not- more important to address and I worry that people just keep ignoring or denying people's depression, mental health issues... And when things like this happen- everyone is so shocked and acts as if we don't live with everyday people who COULD be like this.

I wonder when people will push for psychiatric assistance as a basic human need.

S chocolates..

Another sneak peak....;-)

My S chocolates..

Here's a sneak peak...:-)

A guest in the studio

Arsenals marketing director! angus Kinnear visited us and gave us lots of stories and insights into footballers lives..;-)

Red fm, chocolates,puasa...

Sorry been awhile since I've blogged.:-) in that time.. I've sold my chocolates to three big corporate clients, changed my chocolate packaging four times, invested waaaay tooo much money in the business, setting up the website aswell, back in the gym doing lots of cardio to make up for the chocolate eating hehehe...

Had a BIG celebration last week(secret for now..)

Am looking at kiosks to retail the chocolates... Am not sure where to set them up...

So I'll focus with online selling first

The chocolates are called sChocolates.:-)

I have 13 flavours and about 10more to come....

I'll be inviting fans to taste them and give feedback and see what works in terms of flavours and packaging!:-)

I'm finishing up my book too.. It's been a very busy month...!!

Selamat berpuasa to everyone aswell..:-) I try to remember that puasa
Is about the mind aswell!! Thinking better thoughts and focusing on positive things in life.:-) its not easy- infact it can be harder than not eating!!:-@

Much love


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Am so excited sebab...

This weekend I am delivering my brand of two batches of chocolates for two corporate clients!!!:-)

I am confident it will be a success.. The chocolate is great... I love the taste and it's halal, Swiss and handmade...:-)!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My passion.. And new business.....!!

Today I finally confirmed the 13 flavours for my chocolate brand. And I have my first two orders. Am terribly excited. It's a new business... And it's.... Chocolate!!!!

More to come.. Xxxxx