Monday, February 27, 2012

It has been three weeks! MPH signed me..!

It's been three weeks am Hosting the breakfast show on RED FM now. :-) am loving the fact that radio can be soo close to my fans and listeners and that we can immediately interact!

I'm loving getting up at 5! Strangely- it allows me to workout and keep up with my yoga..:-)

I'm a Reebok ambassador and I'm trying to help them put together a few events to raise money for charities by getting fit.. Will update on that soon...:-)

My book has changed in its form.. The draft is almost done.. MPH have signed me on... And I've signed them on hehehe... So I'm officially writing a book to be published!!! It's exciting.

Sorry I don't update everyday.. I'll try to be more frequent.
I just had a lovely breakfast after my show this morning... The topic today was Sad movies... I've seen too many to mention.. I still recall Legends of the Fall and The time travellers Wife as pretty sad. Inception made me cry too.

I'm gonna head out now.. The sun is shining and it's still
Early in the day! Much love..:-) xxx


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