Monday, February 27, 2012

It is normal

You know that moment you get when your alone and your mind starts to THINK a bit TOO much? When it starts to ASK toooo many questions. Having many of them lately. So unnerving.

It's not negative. It's just annoying. Maybe it's an interruption of reality forced upon my ideals but still.. I wish it would stop.
Aren't we all deserving of a little Dream life- even if it's only in our heads?

Questions. About life, love, existence. What torture it is to be unable to reach into a book or journal and get the answers immediately about these things. Noone has the answers. It's why we chase our dreams. We don't know where they will Lead us because simply put- we don't even know where we ARE actually. What is existence. Is it real. If reality is touchable and rationally analysed - then what is care love hate and all that? Not real?

Strange fleeting moments where I sit back and just ask myself- what on earth are you doing Sarimah? Where are you going? With all your worldly plans and things... What is it you seek. Yes it's the truth.. The truth about me. Who am I.

I guess it's better to live a life asking and finding rather than denying. And hiding. But it's quite irritating!:-)

Anyhow... Rest assured the moments shall and do pass. And the answers... They remain far away, possibly just in front of me- in a place I just cannot see.... Yet.:-)



Blogger Acat said...

its better to be inquisitive and ask questions than to just accept everything as fact.

February 27, 2012 at 10:54 PM  

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