Saturday, April 21, 2012


Looking at the photos of these two sisters didn't shock me. Which shocked me even more. I think I'm becoming desensitized by what I see whe it comes to the extremes people go to when unwell.

Just last night I watched a play in KL.. A musical. One of the stars was clearly anorexic. So anorexic she wore skin colored tights to try and hide the bony veiny appearance of her legs. Not too different frm these pictures.
Yet she rejoiced in the applause the audience gave her. You could see that in her life she LIVED off the applause and attention.:-( and not food.

It saddened me cause it reinforced her. If I were the director I would have told her to gain some weight or stay out of the show. She looked like she was dying she was so thin.

And then I saw a second cast member just as sickly thin. And no this wasn't the naturally thin type. It was almost like these sisters here. Yet they sang and entertained everyone and everyone clapped and did nothing but take from them. Cause we paid for a performance. And we got it. Except that I couldn't help thinking .. These two women are performing for their lives here. If the applause were to stop.. What would they live off of?

The gaunt faces, the arms that have no muscle just none and skin.. With smiles and big combed back hair and makeup to cover a sadness I am too familiar with. Thank god I stopped before I got that bad.

I can only hope that they have insight at some point to applaud themselves for staying alive and get the strength to get well soon.

Someone needs to do something about this problem women are facing. Our industry is rampant with eating disorders and noone is aware.. Or if they are.. Noone cares enough to do something.

Society is born from
Women folk. We are nurturers and carers. We give life. But too many are giving theirs to ideals that are unreal.:-(


Blogger xamel1975 said...

It's a form of mental disorder.

In some cases, family members and friends did intervene but they still see themselves as a fat person :(.

Media have been highlighting that thin women are what men desires but in reality, we don't! When we hug our women, we don't want to be afraid that we might break them.

April 22, 2012 at 9:42 PM  

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