Saturday, April 21, 2012

Funny men and their ways.

Had an interesting experience last week with two funny men.

Both dissapointed me. But that's ok. Cause were all human. It's just that I didn't expect to hear and see what I heard and saw. One is a diva and the other is just... Worn out and jaded. And it saddens me cause both have made a career from being funny. And cheering others up. So to know that they could actually be so sad inside is.. Well... sad.
But it's a fact that public facades are not true selves very often. Even international stars are the same. Fame and money change nothing internally when it comes to self esteem and insecurities. Infact it can make things worse. Because of expectations.

One of them demanded such ridiculous terms for his fans in order to perform and the other.. Insulted his fellow local colleagues openly. Which is sad cause many people hold their tongues for the sake of pitying him and his old ways. But its ok at the end of the day cause hundreds more people will benefit from these people.. Laughing and believing what is not real. Heck that's entertainment for you.:-)

Man interviewed me about going out. It was candid:

Much love. And real laughter.. From the heart. The type that makes you wanna cry..:-)


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