Monday, April 16, 2012

I had to laugh at this.

Seriously - I mean if ONLY the world suffered from this. Instead of endless worries about not being good enough. Alot of depression and people's problems are self inflicted. Self sabotage, constantly trying to fulfill self prophesies... I'll fail... I won't succeed.. I can't be loved... In too thin or too fat or ugly or my nose sucks etc... We never see ourselves as great enough. Not to be arrogant or cocky.. But to at least accept that really our DNA has come together to make a unique person. Someone irreplaceable. We are great... Yes we should always be grateful and always appreciate what we have been given..and not only when we lose it. But let's not feel so bad about how great we are. What we have achieved and the lovely things about ourselves. Screw those who say your just not good enough. It's not true. Your good enough- for someone or something or somewhere else. We all have a place in this world.. It's why each and everyone of us is here to begin with.x


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