Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sometimes not moving gets you further.

This weekend I've learned that doing nothing can actually mean something. And allow for more things. Like thinking. Resting. Breathing. Caring. I've always been one to rush through holidays or time out and make sure I had itineraries and hour per hour scheduled in ahead of time.
It made me feel in control and that I was productive.weekends and holidays would be wake up, eat, gym for as long as I could go (wanting to eat later and not feel guilty),rush out to buy something or visit something or at least just Be somewhere other than at home,other than chill.
I used to live by the idea that stopping to chill and rest meant lazy,no life or boring. That everyday and every moment of life needed to be filled.
And I have found that sadly-I can't remember many of the holidays I've had, weekends or trips. I simply can't. Blurred into my past. No matter if it was Thailand Bali Italy or new York- I couldn't truly enjoy those times cause I wasn't truly there.i was already ahead of the hours days and moments.

This weekend- I sat, read, chilled, swam a little and talked to my neighbours. It felt like two days instead of 1 today. And I feel more relaxed than one weeks vacation.

Peace truly is a state of mind- being
Present isn't just a concept or an idea I've realised- its actually doing it.


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