Saturday, February 18, 2012

so many new starts.:-)

well. the first week of me radio announcing has ended. its been great. i hate waking up early but i love entertaining so the payoff is so much greater.:-)

my body HURT the first day and second- from waking so early.. waking when everyone is asleep is weird... but by day 5... i woke up naturally.:-)

i like having a long day now. i used to sleep when everyone woke up. when i was shooting films and dramas and emceeing even ...sometimes id get home by 2 now... watching the SUN come up... is really something new.
i feel like im in school again. !!

i come home... eat lunch at 12 and gym and run all my errands. ive got time to do all i wanted to do.

its my birthday tomorrow. another year. i have changed so much i sometimes wonder if im still me. the entertainer me is the same.. but the personal me... is different.

im calmer.. more honest... and more... relaxed... since 2009. i feel happier... now.

i never realised it but i used to live in the future in my head- til 2009. i never enjoyed the present. i would just think... whats next- every minute of everyday.
ehen everything collapsed in mu workd in 2009... i realized i had to start frm scratch.. in the present. everyday was a start. every moment i appreciate.every food every jog every hug. it all matters now.

some parts have me have not changed like really gtg annoyed with disloyal ppl.. or feeling very angry when 'friends' turn out to just want something and not really care about me after all.. or at least not even have the decency to ask. but overall... im happy, i am thankful i am
healthy and alive.God has been kind.

im a year older trow.. but im a century happier. thank God- Alhamdulillah for that.:-)



Blogger Straight from the Heart said...

We all go thru many ups and downs at you proud to see where u are heading towards and am sure u are on your way to the top
Happy Born day to you, have a great and memorable one.

February 18, 2012 at 6:21 PM  

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