Sunday, February 5, 2012


Salam Maulidur Rasul.

lets think about what and who matters in life- not our careers, not
money and certainly not

think about thise you love so much that if you were to leave this planet only They would cross your mind and heart.

keep those you love close- and those who love you- closest... because..

being loved is precious and noone is perfect- be grateful you are loved for all your greatness.. and many flaws..

i have learnt that without stopping and appreciating that I am
not perfect- but am
still loved- that i can forgive and love others too...:-)

besides... not forgiving only brings YOU pain... he or she wont suffer more ...

i Thank God for another day.. another night.. and for People who even care for me with my imperfections...

lige is never easy or smooth for long periods of time.. but neither are the problems, tears and Pot holes of the heart we encounter.

we can get through anything.. when we have Faith in a better .. next moment..
next month... in the next......time.:-)



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